Craveable brands

Great food, top notch service, iconic brands

Australia’s largest QSR operator

Craveable brands is the largest Australian owned quick service restaurant operator, serving 150,000 customers a day at iconic restaurant brands Oporto, Red Rooster and Chicken Treat. Operating under a franchise model that spans the country, with over 560 restaurants from Darwin to Hobart, Perth to Sydney, and pretty much everywhere in between.

“We need a reliable and efficient partner”

The right restaurant IT systems play a crucial role in providing the great customer service for which the QSR brands are known, and in running an efficient and profitable business. Implementing those systems without impacting business operations is by no means an easy task, as Michael Schofield, the group Chief Information Officer, will be the first to tell you. “We have over 2000 point of sale systems” he says “and keeping them up to date and performing well is essential. But with so many sites, so widely spread, and only a small window of access time outside operational hours, my team simply can’t get to them all, so I need a reliable and efficient partner to help”.

“When I joined craveable brands.”, says Michael, “they were using several partner organisations, we needed a step change in regards to strategic partnering in order to obtain an uplift in quality, leadership and firepower to service our fast pace business”. Michael had worked with IMI during his 20 + years at McDonald’s Australia and has always been thoroughly impressed with the excellent job they did.

Project One – Windows upgrade

“One of our top priorities was to move to a new version of our Oracle Symphony POS software, to take advantage of some powerful new functions, but to do so, we first needed to upgrade the Windows operating system.” 

Michael broke the work into several projects; the first was the Windows upgrade for Oporto and Red Rooster restaurants who were on up to date POS hardware, ready to take the OS upgrade. Michael entrusted the project to IMI, and he was not disappointed.

IMI developed upgrade processes, training and documentation and managed local resources to implement the on-site upgrades outside of trading hours. Michael particularly valued the fact that the IMI service included a process for escalation and resolution of any 1st, 2nd and 3rd level technical issues, so that his in-house team was not burdened with extra work.

Outstanding outcomes

The result was that craveable brands.could upgrade Symphony as planned, and they had a stable and robust platform that eliminated many inherent support issues, freeing up time within Michael’s team. That stable and supportable platform was also the key that will allow the entire business to implement their strategy for a standardised in restaurant EFTPOS payment solution. The success of the project confirmed to Michael that he had picked the right partner and he felt very comfortable engaging IMI for the next three projects.

The next projects – Windows and hardware upgrades

Project two was the same Windows upgrade, but this time in the restaurants that were running older hardware that wasn’t compatible with the new OS. They were offered the opportunity to either increase the RAM on their existing POS, or replace it with completely new terminals.

Again IMI built and implemented the technical solution, including staging of the new equipment at their premises and installing on-site, out of hours, all round the country.

Project three brought the Chicken Treat business onto the new version of Symphony. Chicken Treat was running legacy POS hardware that was end of life and which all needed to be replaced. IMI managed the upgrade to 60 restaurants in Perth and Queensland.

Project four is an ongoing partnership to support the new restaurants that each of the three bands open each year, staging and installing all the IT equipment, co-ordinating with construction, fit-out teams and franchisees to ensure everything is ready for the influx of customers from day one. 

Unlocking business value

These subsequent projects deliver the same value as the first, unlocking the business value of their enterprise wide POS solution, enabling a single EFTPOS payment solution, and continual brand acceleration of new restaurant builds

“We couldn’t have done it without IMI” says Michael, “they are incredible, and very, very good at what they do”.

Technical strength

Michael values IMI’s technical capability as well as great process management. Their ability to understand and digest technical requirements is incredibly strong. “When you’re rolling out a complex hardware and software ecosystem, and training a national tech team, there will always be issues, but IMI manage, triage and resolve those issues, and update workflows, processes and training.  We have existing engineering processes, but IMI can usually find ways to make them better. They are a very efficient, well-oiled machine and tailor our existing procedures to make them even more efficient. IMI add real value by continuously finessing the process as technology develops.

Governance and project management

Michael also highlights IMI’s project management. “It is second to none. They plan the work, and work the plan and we can be 100% sure that the project will be completed exactly as they commit. IMI’s has immense professionalism and strong customer-focussed values.  They understand that we are a nimble, fast paced industry and tailor their work to support that. They have a strong culture of trust and treat our franchisees with respect at all times”

Customer satisfaction levels doubled

Craveable brands solicits feedback from its franchisees and saw a 100% improvement when they switched to IMI.  “Our Net Promoter Score for store implementations has doubled” confirms Michael. “Choice of partners going into restaurants is highly visible with our franchisee business partners. Franchisees don’t get to choose who we use and if we get it wrong, they certainly let us know. When IMI is in restaurant, they are representing us, head office, and they do it always with respect, with knowledge of our industry and with responsibility. They make us look good”.

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